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About Us


About Fracmo


Since 2001 Fractional HP Motors Ltd (Fracmo), has been part of the Denis Ferranti Group of Companies. However Fracmo's origins go back to 1932 when it was set up to manufacture small low voltage electric motors for the domestic appliance market.

Over the years, through a progression of acquisition and development, the Company has established itself as a key supplier of specialist electric and geared motors, for niche markets worldwide.

Bespoke applications


We do not produce high volume 'off-the-shelf' products, but choose to concentrate on markets where our strengths in design and quality are best deployed. In effect Fracmo is a solutions provider and as such has established itself as a leading company in its field.

Applications range from powered wheelchairs, hoists, and access ramps in the healthcare market, to autopilot drives, electric winches and pumps in the marine industry. Fracmo motors power heavy-duty machinery such as hydraulic systems and also delicate equipment such as laboratory test rigs.

Product solutions


Fracmo specialise in dc electric motors and gearboxes, from 0.04 to 0.750 Kw output. Over time we have built up an extensive range of core motor types that are capable of almost infinite adaptation to specific needs. In addition many Customers use our expertise to develop totally new motor & gearbox design. Increasingly, using the facilities available at the Ferranti facility in North Wales, we provide complete design and manufacturing solutions including sub-assemblies or whole products.

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